Pentimento Collective Exhibition

ven 3 mai 2019, 19:00

The Red Head Gallery
401 Richmond St W. Suite 115
Toronto ON M5V3A8

Comment s'y rendre ?

The Red Head Gallery is pleased to present PENTIMENTO the photograph - as object, as reflection of reality, as selected view, as record, as language, as reference, as resource, as light, as colour, as texture, as starting point, as final product. Coinciding with the Contact Photography Festival, Red Head Gallery artists consider what the photograph represents within their own practice and visual language. The work presented is a diverse commentary on the idea of photography and the definition, role & relevance of the photograph, both directly & indirectly, in the act of image and object making.


Jim Bourke, Jack Butler, Tonia Di Risio, Teri Donovan, Soheila Esfahani, Gillian Iles, Margie Kelk, Kim-Lee Kho, Sangmin Lee, Ian Mackay, Cate McGuire, Peggy Taylor Reid, Lois Schklar, Sally Thurlow, and Elaine Whittaker