Photographer Paul Dunn

Performance number 4, Plasticus Plasticus - Vanessa White, Carolyn Hanna


The Substation
1 Market Street
Newport VIC 3015

Comment s'y rendre ?

A Plasticus performance is an improvised, spontaneous business. It seems to continuously career out of control and respond to the contingencies of the moment, including the disposition of audience members, t At he physical constraints of the architecture, the temperature in the room and the moods of the performers.
Plasticus belongs to this line of thinking, not only in their messy blurring of art media but also in the guerilla tactics whereby they refuse traditional ideals of female presentation on stage while they trample on established notions of what is true and beautiful in art and theatre. By making fun of themselves as performers and us as audience with gentle clown-like humour, and by contravening the purity of the disciplines in which they work with their anarchic and rollicking approach, Plasticus introduce us to a world where the terms of debate about creativity and the human body have been unshackled from the constraints imposed by traditional conceptions of art.