Exposition d'art : Pia MYrvoLD - ART AVATAR

Exposition d'art : Pia MYrvoLD - ART AVATAR
Pia MYrvoLD - ART AVATAR Immersive and interactive exhibition



Pia MYrvoLD

Vendredi, 28 Avril, 2017 - Mardi, 1 Août, 2017
Vernissage :
Samedi, 10 Juin, 2017 - 15:00

Pia MYrvoLD continues her investigation of 20 years, a new relationship between the viewer and the art work. An immersive 300m2 installation, Art Avatar shows key art works where the artist uses 3D animation tools to redefine parameters in sculpture and paintings, and though interactive interfaces, let the public co-create virtual sculptures as avatars, while they move though sensor activated areas to further experience the language of the artist’s work.
On screen in the exhibition, or with sensorbased suits in performances, 24 sound and image loops could be manipulated with combinations and filters, to create new works of art.