Exposition d'art : The Propeller Group - The Propeller Group

Exposition d'art : The Propeller Group - The Propeller Group
The Propeller Group, Living need light.

The Propeller Group


The Propeller Group

Samedi, 3 Juin, 2017 - Samedi, 30 Septembre, 2017

The Propeller Group is a a Ho Chi Minh City and Los Angeles-based art collective led by founders Tuan Andrew Nguyen, Phu Nam Thuc Ha and Matt Lucero dedicated to elevating the Vietnamese voice on the international scene. With backgrounds in visual art, film and video, The Propeller Group operates as both an artist collective and an advertisement company named TPG. Through installation, video and sculpture, The Propeller Group has developed an innovative model that merges collaborative, conceptual art practices — partially steeped in the politically inflected artwork of the 1990s — with the forms and methods of popular media today.

Blaffer Art Museum
University of Houston
4173 Elgin St, Houston
Houston, TX 77004
United States
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