Sanctuary at the Orlando Museum of Art. Sculpture, Sanctuary by Michael Wolf, print by Aithan Shapira

Sanctuary at the Orlando Museum of Art Michael Wolf, Susan Pelteson, Aithan Shapira, Marios Voutsinas, and Yuval Yairi


Orlando Museum of Art
2416 North Mills Ave.
Orlando, FL 32803

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In the current climate of world politics, the acceptance, inclusion and support within the human race as a whole can only come through a deep understanding of one another. Artists see art as a vector, a necessity, a universal need that can challenge vision, convey raw emotion, open new perspectives and help create an environment of profound respect and sanctity for each other.

April 15, 2015 marks the day of Yom HaShoah, also known as Holocaust Remembrance Day. In honor of this day, Sanctuary commemorates the lives and heroism of Jewish people who perished in the Holocaust. The works seen in this thought-provoking exhibition have one common thread: the search for sanctity and the sacred, and a safe place of true belonging for the soul, body and mind. Curator, Coralie Claeysen-Gleyzon, has invited artists from Israel,Europe and the United States to contribute works of deep resonance. These artists include Susan Pelteson, Aithan Shapira, Marios Voutsinas, Michael Wolf and Yuval Yairi.