Stars of the Silver Screen Andy Warhol


The Andy Warhol Museum
117 Sandusky St
Pittsburgh, PA PA 15212

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Warhol’s desire to look at the stars was ignited while attending his neighborhood cinemas with his brothers in gritty, industrial 1930s Pittsburgh. He reveled in the glamorous actors, elegant costumes, and sophisticated settings of the movies from Hollywood’s golden years.

As a child, Warhol sent away for fan photos and devoured movie magazines, surrounding himself with celebrity images. This practice continued into adulthood, and he eventually accumulated a profusion of photographs, movie posters, and other memorabilia. Warhol’s lifelong infatuation with fame is traced from his earliest movie star scrapbook he started when he was a young boy to a Frank Sinatra biography that was on his bedside table when he died in 1987.