Museum Director: Luigi De Luca
Curator: Franco Ungaro

The Subtle Act of Forgetting and Being Forgotten Alec Von Bargen

Vendredi 20 août, 2021, 20:00

Viale Gallipoli
73100 Lecce LE

Comment s'y rendre ?

Artist Alec Von Bargen's most recent photographic installation, a series of 30 large format diptychs and 102 window coverings, is dedicated to a dramatically topical theme: a cycle of effigy images of homeless people that the artist has photographed around the world, confirming his dual vocation, as a nomad and as a scrupulous observer of social phenomena.

20 August 2021, 7 pm is the inauguration of the photographic installation "The subtle act of forgetting and being forgotten" by Alec Von Bargen on the external perimeter of the Castromediano Museum in Lecce. A project of the biblio-museum complex of Lecce with AMA - Mediterranean Academy of the Actor. Inauguration in the presence of Luigi De Luca, director of the biblio-museum complex of Lecce, Marinilde Giannandrea, art historian and curator, Franco Ungaro, AMA - Mediterranean Academy of the Actor, Federico Patrocinio, photographer and Alec Von Bargen, artist.

Going outside the statutory confines of the museum, it will be possible to visit the installation of American artist Alec Von Bargen 24 hours a day. “All of the protagonists - suggests Von Bargen - have in common the fact that they become invisible to society and are gradually forgotten... at times even by themselves. The exhibition is also a study of color and negative space. Space in which the characters, even if only for a brief moment, have a platform from which to tell their story ”.

Instagram: @alecvonbargen

Facebook: Alec Von Bargen

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