Tales of Light and Shadow Simone Bubbico - Thomas Scalco - Corinne Héraud

Vendredi 25 janvier, 2019, 19:00

Luisa Catucci Gallery
Allestr. 38
12049 Berlin

Comment s'y rendre ?

“There is strong shadow, where is much light

Johann Wolfgang, von Goethe

What brings together the work of Simone Bubbico (I), Thomas Scalco (I) and Corinne Héraud (F) is without any doubt the fascination and the magistral artistic application of the oxymoron Light and Shadow.

Precisely because of their visual and symbolic complementarity these two elements have always represented an important topos not only in the art field but also in philosophical and literary – just think of the Cave’s Myth of Plato or of the chiaroscuro technique in painting. Light, to be appreciated, needs its opposite Shadow, which in return exists only as a consequence of it.

In the exhibition “Tales of Light and Shadow”, three parallel stories come to life from this splendid symbiotic contrast in the works of these three very different artists, for both aesthetic choice and technique.

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