Media: Mixed media
Size: 80x80cm
Year: 2010

In Transit TANBAK

mar 2 Sep 2014, 19:00

AGIAL art gallery
63, Abdel Aziz Street, Hamra
Beirut 1103

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A self-taught artist, Tanbak works across painting and installation, with a particular focus on historical and conceptual themes. At the intersection between research and visual form, the artist deploys singular strategies to approach her complex subject matters (warfare and warriors, the movement of the body in space, abstract color fields, the nature of art).

“The state of being ‘in transit’ is no longer a novelty or an exception, but a political reality shaped by the globalization narrative of a borderless world, safeguarded behind endless borders, fences and invisible division lines: Vast swathes of the earth are now inhabited by peoples in transit: Refugees from war, victims of genocide, internal and urban displacement, city slums and stateless people. Painted in neutral white, these architectural installations cum sculptures-paintings, shed light on a body politic obscured by anonymity and invisibility.