The 7th edition of the International Experimental Engraving Biennial (IEEB7) with the concept Fabricated Histories. Fact and Fiction in Recent History presents the art installation by Silvia Trăistaru, Unwritten Process.
Institute of Art History “G. Opescu” of the Romanian Academy
Copyrights: Silvia Trăistaru, ExperimentalProject

Unwritten Process Silvia Trăistaru

mer 2 nov 2016, 12:00

Institute of Art History “G. Opescu” of the Romanian Academy
196 Calea Victoriei
010098 Bucharest

Comment s'y rendre ?

“The project aims to break the principles of restoration through interventions on photographic details of modern and contemporary art works. I have chosen photographic sequences that belong to the restoration documentation on the conservation status of objects prior to the restoration process. The fragments refer to the work of artists: Paul Ackerman, Victor Brauner, Horia Damian, Jacques Herold, Jules Perahim. In this project I use different materials from the originals, with different physical – mechanical properties, breaking the law of material compatibility. I will use irreversible substances and materials, that by removing from the paper body (print) will affect the state of the object – in this case the macro detail of the work.The work aims to bring into discussion the rules and limits of the restoration process and the complex effects of this process on the relationship between original work and restored original work, original and intervention, truth and fictionalization."