Fragment from "Painting Number One: 90 days from B to C: Life in a nutshell", 2007, measuring 182 x 487 cm. Made in India.

Voyage through a human mind Eric G. C. Weets


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Presenting “Voyage through a human mind”, series of oil paintings and ink drawings created by Belgian artist Eric G. C. Weets, 1951.

The innate urge of the artist, to create unique and original art works lead him on a path to discover a way to depict the compact vastness of the contemporary world. The almost chaotic, nonetheless, homogeneous overview and the omnipresent focal point encourage the viewer to find his own way to approach and understand the works, without leading or guiding him in a direction. This freedom not only allows him to navigate and venture in a manner that suit him best and discover amazing creativity on the way but also presents a viewer with a challenge: to view and study the paintings in radically different manner.