"IMAGINACIÓN EMPAPELADA" nuevas tendencias del dibujo

"WALLPAPER IMAGINATION" :new trends in drawing. Mariojosé ÁNGELES

ven 4 Aoû 2017, 20:00

Santiago Cultural Center, Ercilia Pepín
Calle El Sol
51000 Santiago de los Caballer
République dominicaine

Comment s'y rendre ?

“WALLPAPER IMAGINATION": new trends in drawing, will be presented on Friday, 4th August, 2017 at 7:00 pm, at Yoryi Morel Room at Santiago Cultural Center, Ercilia Pepín, in the Dominican Republic. 18 outstanding visual artists from the Dominican Republic have been summoned to present their new proposals of personal vision of contemporary drawing and new trends. For this exhibition will be exclusively drawing, this has not prevented the presentation of projects integrating other disciplines, particularly when there is a technique developed by the artist or an experiment that provides a new discourse on this medium of expression. Participating artists: Alejandro Cabral, Raúl Morilla, Ernesto Rodríguez, Leibi Nj (poet), Anita Sánchez, Yda Domínguez, Rosa Miguelina Santos, Jennyfer Matos, Francisco Sánchez (Guanabacoa), Vitico Cabrera, José Mercader, Wali Vidal, José Almonte, Elías Roedán, Osiris Gómez, Omar Molina Oviedo, Dhimas Santos and Mariojosé Ángeles.