Exposition d'art : Creative Digital Art - Chris R Kitchener

Exposition d'art : Creative Digital Art - Chris R Kitchener
Red Beach Shells

Creative Digital Art


Chris R Kitchener

Lundi, 1 Septembre, 2014 - Lundi, 1 Décembre, 2014
Vernissage :
Lundi, 1 Septembre, 2014 - 11:00

Art and Photography have always been a passion for me. From a very early age it was obvious I had a natural flair for drawing and painting, and soon developed my skills with pencil sketches and watercolours, with occasional use of charcoal, and then oils. My first camera enabled me to capture images of nature, experimenting with various techniques, and the use of light and shade. With the introduction of the digital camera I was able to combine both of these passions, which led me to my current position - As an artist producing unique Creative Digital Artwork. The inspiration for this work almost always came from the natural world, being a lover of nature and the countryside, although many of my images now originate from photos taken of man-made objects.
All images start out as original photos taken by me. These are then treated, manipulated and edited, using various photographic software techniques, thus creating unique and imaginative images.

Snape Maltings
Snape Maltings Gallery
IP17 1SR
United Kingdom
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