Exposition d'art : DiG - Didi Edwards, Gill Gregory

Exposition d'art : DiG - Didi Edwards, Gill Gregory
Didi Edwards. Blasting Machine with Monster Shadow



Didi Edwards, Gill Gregory

Jeudi, 1 Septembre, 2016 - Vendredi, 30 Septembre, 2016
Vernissage :
Mercredi, 31 Août, 2016 - 18:30

Striations, digging machines, blades - both depicted and the tools used to make the work - slashes, slices, gouges, and dissections, how could we not call this exhibition DiG?!

DiG presents two artists whose work seems utterly incongruent and dissimilar, but it isn’t the dissimilarity that is at odds here; it’s what the similarities turn in their furrows. The work of Didi Edwards and Gill Gregory share an uncanny similarity of structure - uncanny precisely because the work is so dissimilar. Didi’s bold, brash strokes of colour evoke an energetic tumultuous disposition, often within a centralised plane of activity. While there are few visible grids in her compositions, there is an underlying grid structure, which gives form and direction to the work, propelling the dynamism with reason and logic.

45 Grange Road
United Kingdom
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