Exposition d'art : Drawing double reversal - Elaine Sturtevant

Exposition d'art : Drawing double reversal - Elaine Sturtevant
Duchamp Rotary Disc

Drawing double reversal


Elaine Sturtevant

Samedi, 14 Février, 2015 - Dimanche, 17 Mai, 2015

The concept for the exhibition was developed in close collaboration with the artist. The intensive research and meticulous exploration of her graphic work confirms the assertion that the early drawings of the 1960s are the key to understanding the approach to her radical and rigorous conceptual work. Specifically the drawings from 1965 to 1966, which one could describe as “composite drawings”, provide a penetrating insight into her artistic thought process and her status within the history of art as a kind of “Super Pop” or “Pop Plus”. The exhibition of her drawings casts a new light on this aspect of the most recent art history.

Albertinaplatz 1
1010 Vienna
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