Exposition d'art : Egon Schiele - Egon Schiele

Exposition d'art : Egon Schiele - Egon Schiele
Self-portrait with Peacock waistcoat, 1911.

Egon Schiele


Egon Schiele

Mercredi, 22 Février, 2017 - Dimanche, 18 Juin, 2017

The masterpieces of Egon Schiele: works both passionate and ruthlessly blunt, and at once highly subjective and allegorical.
To mark the 100th anniversary of Egon Schiele’s death, the Abertina is dedicating to the artist a comprehensive exhibition that positions his oeuvre in the electrifying context of Viennese society at the close of the Imperial era, with its uniquely intense clash between modernity and tradition. 180 of his finest and most important gouaches and drawings will introduce viewers to an artistic oeuvre that found its great theme in human beings’ existential loneliness.

Albertinaplatz 1
1010 Wien
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