Exposition d'art : Krema Kollettiva

Exposition d'art : Krema Kollettiva
Krema Kollettiva - 19 artists / 3 Days / Crema, Italy

Krema Kollettiva


A. Turnbull, A. Solomon, A. Waldschuetz, A. Von Bargen, C. Luzzana, E. Dekyndt, E. Ko, E. Puszczynska, J. Raluy, K. Barlow, K. Surridge, L. Bray, M. Fomenko, M. Whall, P. Collantes, S. Del Pistoia, S. Nayar, S. Neirotti, S. Akitsu

Jeudi, 19 Mai, 2016 - Lundi, 23 Mai, 2016
Vernissage :
Vendredi, 20 Mai, 2016 - 19:00

Krema Kollettiva comes at a time of general lack of humanity in the billion-dollar art world, the over-intellectualization of everything ‘art’ and the quasi-terrifying individuality in the creating process of artists worldwide.

For 3 days a group of 19 cretors from around the world will gather in te picturesque town of Crema, Italt, and begin a discourse which will lead to a common language, a conversation which will be documented through the publication of a book and an international, itinerant exhibition.

Collaborators: Mombelli Idraulica, MEi, Studio Magenis, Lapis Arredamento, Enrico IV, Teatro San Domenico e Hotel Il Ponte Di Rialto.

Teatro San Domenico
Piazza Trento e Trieste, 6
26013 Crema CR