Exposition d'art : Vanishing Futures - Lisa Byrne (Group Show)

Exposition d'art : Vanishing Futures - Lisa Byrne (Group Show)
Tommy Mervin

Vanishing Futures


Lisa Byrne (Group Show)

Jeudi, 22 Octobre, 2015 - Samedi, 5 Décembre, 2015
Vernissage :
Jeudi, 22 Octobre, 2015 - 18:00

Vanishing Futures is the twelfth and final instalment of the Golden Thread Gallery’s series of Collective Histories exhibitions. For this, the final instalment, Peter Richards, the series instigator, will bring together works by a number of artists that have played their part in shaping and enriching his experience of living in Belfast for the last twenty years and more. The exhibition will feature works from the late 1970’s through to the present day and embrace, where plausible, the construct of world-weary déjà vu.

Artists featured include: Lorraine Burrell; Lisa Byrne; Ursula Burke; Ian Charlesworth; Colin Darke; Miriam de Búrca; Maurice Doherty; Factotum; Ciara Finnegan; Phillip Hession; Alan Hughes; Shiro Masauyama; Moira McIver; William McKeown; Phillip Napier; Sinead O’Donnell; Brendan O’Neil; Paul Seawright; Peter Spiers; Una Walker.

Golden Thread Gallery
84-94 Great Patrick Street
United Kingdom
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