GEOMETRIC SEQUENCES : fiona grady & patrick misfud Fiona Grady and Patrick Mifsud

Date et heure du vernissage
Lundi 9 juin, 2014, 19:00

HUSK Gallery
Departure, 649-651 Commercial Road
E14 7LW

‘Geometric Sequences’ is an exhibition that explores the relationship between Fiona Grady’s and Patrick Mifsud’s joint interest in drawing, sculpture and geometry. Following a successful collaboration for Art Lacuna in 2013, the artists began a discourse on the shared concerns of their work. HUSK gallery has invited them to continue this discussion with a joint show.

Both artists create site-specific interventions that interact with the architectural space in which they are formed, challenging the viewers’ perception of the space and often creating new definitions. They both use geometry and repetition of imagery as a language to set in place an understanding of the artwork’s structure and the space which it occupies. However, the difference in their practice lies in how they work through this logic. Mifsud will be exploring geometric forms with a series of works drawn using a straight line whilst Grady’s work will use the curved line.